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| May 5th, 2011

Physicians Urge Obama Admin to Pressure Mideast Ally Bahrain to End Repression of Doctors, Patients

The Gulf nation of Bahrain has announced that 47 medical workers who treated pro-democracy protesters during the nation’s popular uprising will be tried before a military court on charges of acting against the state. Some could face the death penalty for providing medical assistance to protesters.

| April 23rd, 2011 daily-mirror

Syrian security forces kill 60 protesters in bloodiest day of uprising

Security forces killed 88 people in the bloodiest day of Syria’s uprising yesterday. They fired at thousands of pro-democracy protesters who took to the streets after prayers. Witnesses said among those gunned down at nine demos was schoolboy Anwar Moussa, 11. One demonstrator Izraa Deraa said: “Bullets flew over our heads like heavy rain.” It is the highest single day death toll in five weeks of unrest against President Bashar al-Assad.