According to reports from Bahrain, doctors are disappearing as part of a systematic attack on medical staff. Many physicians are missing following interrogations by unknown security forces at Salmaniya Medical Complex, Manama. Although families have tried to contact administration officials, the administration denies any knowledge of their whereabouts. According to family members, the physicians are being held incommunicado in unknown locations.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are trained to treat those in need – regardless of politics, race or religion. The attacks on health professionals violate the principle of “medical neutrality” and are grave breaches of the international law. The human rights law, international humanitarian law, and medical ethics that define medical neutrality dictate noninterference with medical services in times of civil unrest.

“Unfortunately, these incidents aren’t isolated. They seem to be part of a systematic attack on doctors in Bahrain. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have an ethical duty to prevent and limit suffering of patients in their care and a duty to practice medicine in a neutral way without fear or favor.”

Richard Sollom, Deputy Director at PHR

PHR calls on the Government of Bahrain to release these medical professionals unharmed in the absence of legitimate charges, or to formally charge them and assure them a fair and impartial trial.